When I first head about the Now Page Movement from Aaron Sumner, I thought “What a wonderful idea!” So I present to you in all its glory the things I am working on now.

  • I am working full-time as a web developer at VML. Most of what I do involves working with Drupal. I was a contractor before becoming a regular employee on Aug. 1, 2016, so I’m not looking for other employment at this time. I enjoy my work, the environment, and the people I work with very much.
  • I am mentoring the wife of a friend of mine who has shown an interested in learning web development. It’s an endeavor I am really enjoying, and I am looking forward to seeing how far she takes this. She is looking to make a complete career change, and I am happy to help, for free, in this process.
  • Speaking of mentoring, I’m also being mentored as well in Ruby and Ruby on Rails by assisting on a side project.
  • My freelance work is tied to just a handful of clients, and I’m not actively looking for more work. I do take on projects from time to time as I can, but I also have a life outside of work.
  • Lastly, I’m hashing out some ideas for a personal, only-for-me project to work on. I don’t have the project picked yet, but when I do, I plan on seeing it to MVP.

Last updated: December 1, 2016